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Therapy for when life changes your plans.

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What would your life be like if you could...

Respond instead of react?

Persist instead of resist?

Simultaneously accept and change yourself?

Understand instead of overthink?

Feel less critical and more capable?

When life challenges our expectations and skills,

almost everything comes into question.

Let's work together to put some order to the chaos. 

Contact Me

-For a free 15-minute phone consultation-

If you would like more information about services or to schedule your consultation, email me at


I respond quickest to emails, and typically respond to voicemails within 3 business days.

(865) 320-3063

Appointments offered:

Sunday -

first appointment 10am,

last appointment 4pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -

first appointment 12pm,

last appointment 5:30pm

-Closed Monday, Friday, Saturday-

Download My Lists of Recommended Books, Websites, and Podcasts

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