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Meghan O'Nyon

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The nature of life is change. It is a series of transitions, big and small. We often encounter our greatest challenges and joys in these moments of adaptation. I use a blend of modalities to tailor treatment to your individual circumstances, with the goal of helping you or your child to become adaptable and feel capable. This includes traditional talking, art, music, writing, reading, sensory experiences, and sand tray. I am naturally curious about others, and find humor to be a huge support in the serious endeavor of seeking help. 

I specialize in helping children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing grief in its many forms (related to death and other life-changing events), and in helping families adjust to the constant changes that come along with having a child with Autism, ADHD, or developmental delays. I can also help with anxiety, depression, or the existential issues that arise in transitional periods of life or trying to better understand yourself.

I view our therapeutic relationship as a collaborative one. While I may have knowledge and experience, I am not the expert on your life. I’m here to give support and help you learn how to help yourself. Together, we’ll find and adjust the patterns that keep you stuck in worry, perfectionism, regret, frustration, hopelessness, and doubt. By attending regular appointments and practicing new skills and behaviors between our sessions, you’ll find your personal path to strength, groundedness, and flexibility.

Mental health does not exist in isolation. Our emotions, thoughts, and bodies are linked and influence one another all the time. To improve mental health issues, all aspects of your well-being need some attention. This is includes working on your sleep, eating habits, diet, physical health, hobbies, and relationships. As part of our work together, I will give information about lifestyle changes that can offer mood and cognitive improvements.

My office is located in downtown Maryville. I am an independent practitioner with Cove Mountain Counseling.

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