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I specialize in helping children, adolescents, and adults navigate their grief experience, including grief involved in

--death                     --divorce

--retirement             --caregiving

--a decline/loss of mobility or cognitive function

--long-term/chronic illness

--anticipatory grief/hospice/terminal illness

Grief is often accompanied by anxiety, depression, stage of life issues, and existential exploration. If you are struggling with any of these, we can work on them together.

*In-home sessions can be provided based on individual circumstances.

I provide therapy for children as young as 3 years old addressing emotional and behavioral difficulties. I also work with children on the Autism spectrum (or experiencing other developmental delays) focusing on

-emotional regulation (understanding, managing, and expressing emotions)

-impulse control (increasing awareness of and ability to self-regulate)

-social skills (building confidence in conversations, body language, interactions, and perspective)

-executive functioning (help with organization, following instructions, and attention)

-routine management (homework, chores, meal times, waking up/bed time)


Therapy for children is provided one-on-one and with parent involvement to ensure consistency, foster bonding, and improve interactions. Parent involvement is a very important part of a child's path to success. When you and your child are both working hard, you amplify the gains, understand each other better, and strengthen your relationship.

I also support parents without their children present in session to discuss thoughts and feelings around parenthood, parenting style, and relationship difficulties. Support for siblings of a child with special needs is also available.

*In-home sessions can be provided based on individual circumstances.

Please note: groups are not currently in session.

Please check back periodically for details.

Grief-focused Groups

  • Grief in Children

  • Daughters Grieving Mothers

  • General Grief

  • Children with Chronically or Terminally Ill Caregivers

Special Needs-focused Groups

  • Children's Social Skills (peer play)

  • Siblings of Those with Special Needs

Please note: workshop dates are TBD.

Please check back periodically or join the mailing list to receive details.

I am available to provide your staff or group with education about various elements of grief or children with Autism. 

Please contact me to discuss your needs, goals and other details.

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