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Thriveful Thursday: AD/HD in Adults - Myths and Facts

October 8, 2020: October is ADHD awareness month. Here are some myths, facts, and awesome resources for adults with AD/HD or the people who support them.

Myth: You’re not hyper, so you can’t have ADHD.

Fact: In the DSM-5, there are 3 types of AD/HD: Hyperactive-Impulsive, Predominantly Inattentive, and Combination. If you have significant trouble with memory, work performance, emotional regulation, managing day-to-day tasks, maintaining attention, and/or fidget frequently, talk excessively, and have a hard time being patient, it may be helpful to be evaluated by a professional for ADHD.

Myth: Adults don’t have ADHD.

Fact: Around 4%-5% of the US adult population is diagnosed with ADHD. Diagnosing ADHD in adulthood is complicated, but it’s complicated in children, too. ADHD also changes over the lifespan, and may look different in adulthood if you were also diagnosed as a child, such as reduced or minimal hyperactivity after adolescence.

Myth: ADHD makes having jobs or relationships impossible.

Fact: ADHD can make time management, organization, emotional regulation and social interactions more challenging, but there are plenty of ways to keep these things in check. Working with a counselor, life coach, or job coach can provide helpful daily living, relationship, and emotional strategies. Many people find that a mix of appropriate medication and counseling/coaching is most beneficial. Schools and employers are also required to make accommodations when possible since ADHD is recognized in the ADA.

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